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So I just got restarted on wattpad on the advice of several authors from my publishing company. They pretty much swear by it as a way to get more readers, so I’m giving it another try. I had posted my first novel way back when I was self-publishing, but didn’t get much traction. Now I’ve posted the first two chapters from books 1-3 of The Seeker Series—all I’m allowed to post as per my publisher.

I’m excited to announce that my new work-in-progress is now a FEATURED STORY on wattpad! It’s gaining a bunch of new readers and a few fans! I’m overwhelmed by the amazing comments readers are leaving. It is such a great feeling to know people are reading my work and enjoying it.

Now a Featured Story on wattpad!

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Sometimes rumors really burn...

Ben and Trissa used to be the "it" couple, but a misunderstanding has turned their love into something a whole lot more like hate.

Cameron falls for Hope at first sight, but does he really know anything about her?

Do these two couples even stand a chance at love? Not if their friends won't mind their own business! Rumors spread like wildfire in this modern homage to Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

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