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COVER REVEAL! Somewhere in Between by Samantha Harris

Somewhere in Between by Samatha Harris
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: November 10th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

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Alexandra McCabe is disconnected from the world, grieving the loss of her parents…

Content with studying and keeping to herself, Alex has no interest in the campus playboy, Drew Collins, trying to get close to her. But even dousing him with beer doesn’t deter the easy-going charmer, and against her better judgment, the pair fall into a reluctant friendship.

Drew is bored with college life, and Alex’s romantic rejection intrigues him…

Their friendship is good for both of them, but Drew is used to getting what he wants, and he’s tired of shallow sorority girls. He’s much more interested in the feisty redhead, but despite his growing feeling, Alex keeps him firmly in the friend zone.

Old heartaches and new tragedies deepen a complicated relationship…

Whatever life throws their way, Alex and Drew remain best friends with their own traditions. Drew is Alex’s family, her rock, and Alex keeps Drew grounded, always challenging him to better himself.

When years of buried feelings rush to the surface, they threaten to change everything…

Drew promised his mother he’d tell Alex how he feels, when the time is right-but how will he know when that is? Alex is terrified to reveal those ‘three little words’ certain Drew doesn’t feel the same, and she’ll lose the only family she has.

Should Alex and Drew open their hearts, and risk being crushed? Should they be satisfied with a deep, lifelong friendship? Or does the only chance for happiness lie…

Somewhere In Between?

AUTHOR BIO:  Samatha
Samatha “Sam” Harris lives near Baltimore, Maryland with her husband David and daughter Ava. Born in Florida, she migrated north which most people agree was a little backwards. She has been an artist all of her life, a Tattoo Artist for more than ten years, and a storyteller since she was a kid.
Sam has a slightly unhealthy love for Frank Sinatra, classic movies, and Jazz and Blues music, but her first love will always be reading. From Romance, to Thrillers, to Historical Fiction and everything in between, she loves to become a part of the story. As a writer she tells the stories that she would want to read.

Book Review: The Lost Heirs by A. Moran-Soley



Genre: MG/YA Fantasy

All-ages approved. A clean, cringe-free read.

In The Lost Heirs, A. Moran-Smoley has created a world of adventure and secrets, where things are not always what they seem. 14 year-old Eric is just trying to stay out of trouble at his boarding school when he finds himself sucked into a mysterious world called Eshla. Joel, the reluctant prince of this strange new land, needs Eric’s help to retrieve the missing stones that will free his brothers from their rock prisons; only an earthling can travel back and forth between the two worlds. Eric enlists the help of his three friends and travels back in time to 1927 to retrieve the first stone.

What I Like:

I’m a huge fan of British boarding school stories, so this one grabbed me from the get-go. I loved the four main characters and felt like I was there with them as they struggled to find the Bel-Arayba stone. I really enjoyed how British the whole story was—hey, I’m American and things like “jumpers” and “whilst” are exotic. I found the whole story very original and engaging. The author excels at description and setting without becoming too wordy and the story was well paced.

Not So Much:

There was nothing I didn’t like in this book. It could have been longer and I wouldn’t have minded a bit. I would love to see this book hit the mainstream with professional editing, covers, movie deal, etc. It’s definitely got the potential.


Highly recommended! A fun, fast read—would be a great read-aloud with the kids! I will be on the lookout for Book 2.