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Join Me at the Carolina BookFest 2016!!!


Book Signing
Carolina Book Fest is a book signing taking place
in the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina on October 15, 2016. The book signing
will be held at the Marriott City Center in downtown Charlotte from 10am
until 3pm

This is the perfect opportunity to meet over 100 bestselling authors from all genres!  You can find more information on the Marriott by going here.

Monster Mash (After Party)
Join us at 7:30pm back at the Marriott for
our Monster Mash! We will be throwing an epic after party to end our night!
Dress in your best costume and get ready to mingle with authors and readers!
A cash bar will be provided at the party.
Admission Prices
Book Signing: $15
Book Signing & After Party: $25
If you are interested in purchasing tickets
to attend Carolina Book Fest 2016, they can be purchased here:  
Attending Authors


Here is our current list of attending
Carolina Book Fest Authors! Check out http://www.carolinabookfest.com/attending-authors
to learn more about them!
To keep up to date with all things Carolina Book Fest, follow us!

SEEKER is 1 Year Old!


It’s the 1-year anniversary of the publication of my first book, SEEKER! Happy Anniversary to ME!


It’s still FREE on amazon, so before you read any farther, you should def skip on over and download it. Who says no to FREE???



So, what have I learned over the past year about writing and publishing? Well, it’s a fascinating tale, so sit back and relax.

I wrote the first draft of Seeker in November 2013—yes, all 74K or so words in 30 days. It was my first NaNoWriMo and I was all in! I was doing it as a project along with my senior English students, so I had to finish. How would it look if the teacher failed to complete 50K words? Now, I had never in my life written a full-on novel, so I was completely clueless. I’m really embarrassed about it now. Plus, I had spent the weeks leading up to Nov. 1 helping prepare my students to write their novels and hadn’t actually given much thought or planning to my own. On Nov. 1, I got the whole class quietly launched on their writing and then sat down in front of my computer. And stared at a blank GoogleDoc. And thought, “Crap. What am I going to write about?” I continued in this vein for about 30 minutes. The mad clicking of computer keys all around me didn’t help at all. Just before utter panic set in, I started thinking about what kind of person I would like to write about. That’s how Jack Ruiz came into being. It’s funny that the entire series (with the small exception of a short scene in book 2) is told from Ally Moran’s point of view, when I actually created Jack first. Once I got started, the book actually flowed pretty fast and I discovered I REALLY LOVE writing. I didn’t know if I would. I mean, how many people think, “I should write a book some day.”? Lots. How many actually DO it? Not as many. And I didn’t know if it would be like so many of my other hobbies (knitting, cross-stitch, stamping, sewing) where I start a lot of projects and get bored and never finish. I shudder to think how many half-finished scarves are lurking around my house, just waiting for someone to come along and breathe life into them. Maybe my mom will finish them for me. Love you, Mommy.

I finished Seeker and promptly started nagging my friends and family to read it. I put it up on SwoonReads and got a few reads. Most importantly, I began the arduous process of revision. I took out some truly cheese-in-a-can scenes and replaced them with some good old-fashioned violence. I went to a writer’s conference and talked to a couple agents. Then I began the looong process of querying my manuscript. My baby, this piece of my soul I had committed to virtual paper. I sent it out into the world. And the rejections started rolling in. Yay! But I kept revising and polishing, even as I started on Book 2.

I eventually got a bit discouraged and decided to self-publish. I changed the title to one I thought was clever and oh-so literary: The Stern and Wild Ones. I decided to title each book in the series using a reference to the literary work that was featured in it. Book 1 featured The Scarlet Letter, hence the lovely title. Book 2 became The Charge of a Star because it was based on King Lear. Book 3 was slotted to become A Spirit Too Delicate (The Tempest). I can’t remember what I was thinking for book 4.

One thing you can say for me: I don’t give up easily. I still kept querying publishers and agents. Imagine my complete and total surprise when, as I was working on book 3, a desktop notification popped up from Limitless Publishing. I opened it, fully expecting yet another politely worded rejection, but saw the magic words: We want to offer you a contract. OMG. I handed the computer to my husband and asked him to read it just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Nope. They actually wanted to publish my book. They offered me a contract for the entire 4-book series!!! Book 4 didn’t even exist yet! They did make it contingent on a change of title, however. I pitched them my original titles: Seeker, Dreamer, Seer, and Oracle. Boom. They liked them and we signed all the paperwork. The next few months were a flurry of revision, editing, blurbs, and cover design. I discovered I love working with an editor—who knew? I didn’t have to do anything with the blurbs or covers except give feedback.

Then on April 28, 2015, my very first book baby was born.

So, here it is: 1 year later. I have published 5 books with Limitless: the 4 in The Seeker Series and a stand-alone YA romantic suspense titled The Way to Her Heart. I have a featured story on Wattpad called Like Wildfire and a work-in-progress called So They Loved, my first foray into adult contemporary romance. It’s picking up some nice steam on Wattpad, so give it a try and let me know what you think!        wildfireSo They Loved.png

I’ve learned a TON this last year about writing, revising, editing, and marketing. And I have so much more to learn! But it’s a great journey and I love it! I have so many fun story ideas rattling around in my brain, so stay with me, people!

To celebrate my anniversary, I will pick 1 lucky reader who comments on this post or on my Facebook page to win a FREE ebook of The Way to Her Heart OR your choice of Book 2, 3, or 4 in The Seeker Series (since Seeker is FREE—did I mention that?) ff9d5-seeker2bseries2bcollage785bc-the2bway2bto2bher2bheart2bfront

I’ll pick a winner 

May 5 2016.

Thanks SO MUCH for all your amazing support and encouragement this year! You guys ROCK!!!



Feature Friday: Fading Away by Danielle Wicks


Fading Away
Hardest Mistakes Book 1
by Dannielle Wicks
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC


One night.
One stupid mistake.
Changes everything.
SAMMY STEVENS was tragically orphaned at the age of nine
and sent to live with a foster family in the town of Miakoda Falls.
She’s constantly bullied at school by the arrogant,
selfish, one and only… KAI JORDAN.
Kai is your typical entitled teen who’s on the verge of
attending a university and having everything he ever wanted handed to him.
But all that changes when he is involved in a car
accident after a night of partying…
He’s suddenly and painfully brought into the world of the
Kai turns to the last person he ever would’ve expected,
Sammy, as he struggles with his new identity and watches the people closest to
him move on. And he is forgotten.
As Kai and Sammy grow closer, Kai must figure out a way
to either fight to stay human or risk being stuck forever, as a prisoner of his
own body…
— My door swings open before I reach it and I smack into
a naked chest.
“Oh. Sorry.” My face heats up in embarrassment. Kai
smirks down at me and walks past. “Hey!
Where are you going?”
He doesn’t stop as he looks over his shoulder. “I heard
Ashlee leave.”
“Kai! Come back here!” I yell and follow after him down the
stairs and into the main hallway. “You can’t just walk around the house. What
if Ashlee comes home? She’s not going to knock; she’s just going to walk in.
This is her house. Besides, she said she would be right back.”
Kai stops so suddenly I nearly collide with him again.
“You worry too much, Sammy.” I narrow my eyes. He’s started calling me by my
nickname. I’m not sure if I’m okay with that.
“Aren’t you cold?” I challenge, referring to his naked
top half. Not that I’m complaining, but I know for a fact he owns a t-shirt and
it’s like minus a million in here.
A brilliant smile lights up his face. “Nope.”
As if on cue, the front door clicks open and Ashlee
shuffles in, hands full of plastic bags. “Sam! I’m back with the Chinese! Get
your butt down here!”
Kai turns to me, silver eyes wide. As soon as Ashlee
rounds the corner from the front door she’ll see him. “I told you,” I whisper
frantically as I drag him into the small hall closet.
“Sam?” Ashlee’s voice sounds so close, she must be just
outside the door. I exhale a heavy breath as her footsteps echo up the stairs
away from us. The light seeping under the door makes everything look dark grey.
I realize then that my hands are pressed up against Kai’s bare chest and he has
his arms wrapped tightly around me. We both let go at the same time and look
“I understand why I’m hiding in the closet,” Kai
whispers, his breath tickling the hair on top of my head. “But why are you in
here with me?” I glance up to see his quirked eyebrow, and scowl at him, pressing
my lips together tightly.
“Shut up! I didn’t exactly have time to think this
through, okay?” His quiet chuckle echoes through the small space, I narrow my
eyes in annoyance and twist to stare at the gap under the door.
I can feel the heat radiating off Kai’s skin. I slowly
lift my head to look back up at him. He’s gazing down at me with his mouth
slightly open, his silver eyes glitter in the dim light. The atmosphere becomes
heavy and tense, crackling with electricity; I’m caught in his gaze, slowly leaning
closer to him. His hands come up and barely brush my arms. I inhale a shaky
breath and take a half step back, biting my lip. My back hits the wall of the
closet with a soft thump, breaking the spell. Kai’s eyes widen and he looks
away quickly.
“I should get out there, before she sends a search
He nods, still not looking at me and I move to open the
“I’ll save you some dim sum?” The corner of my mouth
lifts in a small smile; I grasp the door knob and slip out of the closet. I
shut the door behind me with a snick and lean back against it, shaking my head.
What was that? Pushing off the door, I walk down the hall into the kitchen to
find Ashlee… —

Dannielle Wicks
Currently lives in the town of Kingaroy, Queensland in
Australia. She is a TV show nerd and lover of cars. She has always had a love
for writing, even in school. She used to hide her writing notebook inside her
textbooks just so the teacher wouldn’t notice what she was up to. She loves
reading, especially paranormal romance. When she’s not writing or working, she
competes in Speedway Sedan Racing across the state.


Cover Reveal: The Ocean Between Us by Delisa Lynn

“The lives they chose kept them apart – 
Is their love enough to bring them together?”
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: March 15, 2016
Masters Sweet Baked Goods—the best bakery in Benton Creek.
Run by Hendlee Masters and her grandmother, Masters Sweets is the heart and soul of what’s left of Hendlee’s family. Raised by her grandmother after her parents died when she was only five, Hendlee’s poured her time and energy into building her own life in the small town she loves.
Best friends are hard to find—and even harder to keep.
Hendlee didn’t start to notice her feelings for one of her friends—Quaid Castings—until she was in high school. By then it was too late. Unlike her, his plans for the future involved ditching town and enrolling in the Naval Academy.
Just one night with Quaid is all she wants, but when it finally happens, it’s not nearly enough. And he’s leaving in less than twenty-four hours.
The pursuit of happiness often requires leaving someone behind.
Quaid wants more than the country life. Joining the Navy is the best way to explore the world beyond the hills of Kentucky. Except chasing his dream means leaving behind the girl he’s been in love with all his life—Hendlee Masters.
When Quaid chooses a career in the Navy over the love of a small-town girl, will their fates once again align? Or will their love be lost in The Oceans Between Us?



Delisa Lynn grew up in Columbus Ohio, she is currently residing in Western New York with her husband and fur daughter Sophie. During the day she works as a Medical Assistant and at night, she types away on her laptop, allowing her characters to escape her mind. Pink is her favorite color, and she loves anything animal print. She loves traveling, shopping and baking. When Delisa isn’t working or writing you can catch her snuggled up with her kindle reading about her newest book boyfriend.
– social media links –

The Politics of Writing Diversity: Guest Post by Elizabeth Roderick

Today I am thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Roderick,  a colleague from Limitless Publishing, with her thoughts on some complex issues having to do with diversity. Please make her feel welcome and leave a comment.

The Politics of Writing Diversity

Note to readers: I use the term “neurodiverse” in this piece. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it refers to people generally called “mentally ill”. I prefer “neurodiverse” for reasons I will explain in the article. Thank you for reading.

Writing is a complex art. Words can be interpreted in so many different ways, depending on the background, culture, and experiences of the person interpreting them. We have to be aware of this, especially when we touch on emotional subjects such as diversity. However, if we have political concerns in the forefront of our minds—if we are walking on eggshells trying not to offend anyone—we run the risk of self-censoring, of watering down our characters and stories so that they lose their vibrancy and impact. They become soulless sermons that exist only to convey a moralizing message, and lose the beauty of art. I am going to explore how to find a balance when writing diversity.

I’ll start out by telling you about myself. My name is Elizabeth Roderick. I’m the author of many diverse books, and am myself a diverse person. I have a novel published, a racially-diverse LGBT romantic thriller titled Love or Money. I also have a series contracted, The Other Place Series, which is about a young woman trying to kick heroin and get her life together, and a young schizophrenic man attempting to make it as an artist. The first two installments of that series are set to release on May 31, 2016 and July 5, 2016.

My personal diversity is neurodiversity. I’m very high-functioning, but I have suffered from bouts of psychosis since I was a teenager, and have had a series of doctors and psychiatrists diagnose me with every letter in the alphabet.

So, now that you have some idea where I’m coming from and what my “expertise” is, let’s get to the subject at hand. Continue reading The Politics of Writing Diversity: Guest Post by Elizabeth Roderick

Blog Tour & Review: Chameleon Soul

Title: Chameleon Soul
Series: Chequered Flag #1
Author: Mia Hoddell
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

4.5 Stars 4 and a half stars

The author’s ability to draw you into the story and keep you asking questions is what really shines in this novel. From the first line, “I was broken…” you are frantically turning pages to find out why Raine is broken. The characters are wonderful and real-life—people you can easily relate to and the friendships are deep. We should all be so lucky to have such great people in our lives!

This is such a British book, and seemed wonderfully exotic to my American mind. I loved all the hints of life in London and the British racing circuit. Such fun!

I’ve discovered a wonderful new author and look forward to the rest of the series. I highly recommend this book!

I received an ARC in return for a fair and honest review.

After one fateful night, Raine Wilkins’ life has never been the same…
Two years into a relationship with Formula 1 driver Teo Coates, Raine walks out of his life without offering an explanation. To shield him from horrifying events that are best kept secret, Raine breaks her own heart and the heart of the man she loves. And left with no choice, Teo is forced to abandon Raine to finish his race season.
However, Teo always wins, and losing Raine’s heart has only made him more determined to reclaim it…
Now, a year later, he’s back, and she’s his only goal. But Raine is no longer the same girl he left behind; she’s broken by the past and struggling to cope with each day. Unbearable memories have her nights plagued with fear, while her days are spent deliberately hiding away to avoid triggering full-blown panic attacks. Therefore, when Teo returns as England’s favourite driver, and demands answers, all of Raine’s careful planning is destroyed.
She is thrown into the one place she never wants to be—the spotlight.
Her newfound fame as Teo’s public girlfriend raises old dangers, and exposes her to a group who will stop at nothing to tear them apart. If Raine and Teo are to be together, they must confront their past. However, only Raine knows the truth behind what happened during that sinister night, and revealing her secrets may cause Teo to leave for good.


“Raine, wait!”
Footsteps thundered behind me, forcing me to run faster as my vision began tunnelling. Bouncing off the walls as I rounded corners, I attempted to trace my steps back to the exit through the labyrinth of hallways.
I could hear the footsteps growing louder, as if Nadine was right on my heels, but I couldn’t look without losing my rhythm.
Abruptly, I was jerked to a stop by a hand on my wrist. I spun at the touch, flinging my back against the wall with a scream. My movements were too fast to take anything in.
“What the f*** are you doing here?” The voice that snarled the words was not Nadine’s. Even full of malice I could never forget his tone. Despite that, my brain was no longer thinking logically.
I raised my hands instinctively to shield my face, the line between reality and my memories blurring. The brightly lit corridor was too tight and darkness encroached from every corner.
I was back in the alley. The rough bricks bit into my spine as I cowered into the building praying I could make myself invisible.
“No, not again,” I whimpered, my hands shaking. “Please, not again.”
In my mind they were coming at me, closing the distance.
No matter how tiny I made myself they could still see me.
“Don’t hurt me. Let me go!” White-hot panic rose in my chest, consuming me and fuelling the memory. Everything felt so similar, I wasn’t even seeing what was really in front of me.

#1 Amazon bestselling author Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning. 
Mia has written over ten titles including her Seasons of Change series, the Chequered Flag series, the Elemental Killers series, and her standalone novels False Finder, Not Enough, and Bet On Me. 
Her favourite genres are contemporary romance or romantic suspense, and with an ever growing list of ideas she is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them. She also designs book covers on her website M Designs.

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New Release: Till Death Us Do Part

Wedding vows are meant to be honored – no matter the cost…
by Cristina Slough
Standalone novel
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
: : SYNOPSIS : :
The fateful day Mimi Marcus has dreaded begins with a phone call…
The wife of a U.S. Marine, Mimi spent countless nights worried that her husband Joel would fall in the line of duty. He had fought valiantly and served his country with honor. That’s exactly what they tell her when they deliver the news—Joel was taken by the enemy in Afghanistan. Her husband is dead.
In desperate need of closure, Mimi travels to the one place Joel still has ties—The Marcus Ranch in Texas, inherited by his handsome younger brother Austin.
New beginnings are only an illusion…
The closer Mimi grows to the Marcus family, the more she considers it home. But when suspicions of Joel’s past surface, Austin refuses to disclose family secrets—even to his brother’s widow. It’s only by accident she uncovers evidence of Joel’s tainted past. Devastated by his lies and betrayal, she slowly opens up to Austin, and together they unfold layers of pain and grief.
Mimi is sure she’ll never love again, but is Austin the man to prove her wrong? Then the unthinkable happens…
Just as Mimi finds new hope in a future with Austin, Joel returns home from war. Enraged, traumatized, and teetering on the edge of insanity, Joel confesses to a history of deception, revealing yet another secret—this one too terrible to forgive.
In an awful twist of fate, Joel proves marriage vows are made to be honored.
No matter what.


Paperback Amazon: http://amzn.to/1YJrCu3
Novelist, movie addict, and animal lover, Cristina Slough is the author of:
Till Death Us Do Part, her debut novel.
Cristina has always been a bookworm, rarely seen without a pen and paper in her hand, she loves delving into a literacy fictional world of her own.
At the age of 11, her junior school teacher told her mother that she would be wasting her life if she didn’t become an author. Throughout her teenage years and beyond, her parents spurred her on to keep writing. She later began a career in commercial real estate, working in London’s West End, a corporate bubble where she was unable to fuel her passion to write.
It was on her Californian honeymoon in 2012 that the bug to write was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. After visiting Yosemite National Park she was inspired by the natural beauty of the land that surrounded her. Holding a special place in her heart, Yosemite would later be written into her debut novel.
She finally gave up the ‘big smoke’ when her son, Lucas, was born in October 2013.
When Lucas was a newborn, Cristina was told to sleep when the baby sleeps. She never could. There was a calling inside her to write. After getting to grips with her new role as a mother, she began working a psychological thriller, but she couldn’t fully connect to the characters she created. She ditched the manuscript and started Till Death Us Do Part(Limitless Publishing, 2015).
Cristina is married to Adam, who runs a successful business; together they share their Bedfordshire home with their son, crazy white German Shepherd and three spoiled cats. They can be found trekking through woodlands, or around the many shops Cristina loves to explore. As a family, they love to travel frequently, the United States being a firm favourite.

Release Day Blitz! Beyond Kale: Vegan Recipes for Everyone by Rachelle Rowlett


Get it now!

It’s release day for an amazing recipe collection for vegans and non-vegans, alike! Congratulations to Rachelle Rowlett on her debut cookbook!

Why am I featuring a cookbook on a blog normally devoted to YA authors? Because Rachelle, or Shella, is 18 years old and just wrote a freaking amazing cookbook!

I have the honor of knowing Shella personally, as she is one of my students. This book was her senior project and I can’t begin to describe how hard she worked all year long. In addition to the book, she has a great Youtube channel, Rachelle’s Creations, that you should really check out and subscribe to. She demonstrates how to make many of the recipes in her book, as well as some that aren’t.

I made the corn and potato chowder, which was easy, economical, and delicious! I never would have thought of substituting pureed navy beans for the cream! It was awesome and much lower in fat! I have tasted many of the recipes in the book and was impressed by all.


Meet the Author

Rachelle Rowlett was born in Santa Fe, NM, in 1997. She is a self-taught cook, artist, and writer. She enjoys outdoor activities and working with other people. She is passionate about animals and conservation. She is planning adventures involving exotic cuisines and extensive world travel. This is her first book.


Special Feature: Ticket to Love

Please take a minute to check out this new release by my friend, Lacey Wolfe.


Ticket To Love

By Lacey Wolfe

Genre: Sensual Contemporary Romance

When Evelyn Parker turns thirty-five, she isn’t happy, life seems to be ticking past her…

By now, she wanted to be married, and have kids, the same life all of her friends have. Then she receives a birthday gift that changes her whole life—a winning lottery ticket.

Brad Turner has lived next door to Evelyn for years…

His life’s been boring since his divorce—just the way he likes it.

He’s a personal trainer who likes to keep to himself, and not one for mingling with his neighbors, until one evening when Eve bangs on his door.

Suddenly the quiet girl next door grabs his attention. Who is this mysterious woman with no job that spends money without a second thought?

Before long, Eve and Brad find themselves tangled up in each other’s life and Eve’s pesky neighbor seems to think he gets to have a say on how she’s living hers. One moment they are fighting and the next they’re kissing.

With Brad’s obsession about money and Evelyn’s hiding her millions from him, soon they will find out money really can’t buy happiness…


Buy Links:

Amazon : http://amzn.to/1GB2LPd


“I’m seriously depressing myself.” She picked up her glass of sweet tea and left the kitchen.

She was bored already. A girl could only drive around the block so many times before even that was no longer fun. She could go outside and do yard work. With the leaves starting to fall, she needed to get that under control or else dry, brown leaves would take over her yard the way they did every year.

She walked out to her porch and spotted Brad by the walnut tree, picking up the fallen nuts that drove her insane. Normally she’d speak to him, but instead, she slowly backed toward the door. She had a hard time breaking her gaze from his biceps. Staring at his ass, she darted her tongue out to moisten her lips. He slowly squatted, his shirt lifting in the back, and she caught a glimpse of the top of his boxers.

A shiver went through her as her nipples hardened. Oh no, no, no, no. She was not getting turned on by this guy. She hadn’t spoken a word to him since he’d gone all weird on her that evening after their drive. She couldn’t figure out why he’d acted like that, getting pissy about how she spent her money.

As she took the next step back, her foot hit something round and wobbly. She flailed out her arms to grab a hold of something, but all her hands found was air and her butt hit the hard, wooden porch with a loud thud. Her cheeks burned, and she was pretty certain a curse word flew out.

“You okay?” Brad called.

Well, there went her sneaking back in without him knowing she’d come out. “Yup.”

The crunching of leaves and sticks let her know he approached. She glanced up, and her mouth dropped open. Damn, when did he get so smokin’ hot? A tight black T-shirt hugged his chest and thick biceps. And was that a tattoo peeking out of his shirt sleeve? Next time he was outside shirtless, she’d have to pay more attention.

Was she drooling?

He brushed his dark hair from his eyes. “Need help?”

Yes, she’d lost her mind.

About Lacey Wolfe

Lacey Wolfe has always had a passion for words, whether it’s getting lost in a book or writing her own. Her goal as an author is to have a romance for everyone, whether it’s sweet, sensual, or spicy. She’s had several books on the Amazon best seller lists. When she isn’t writing, she can be found running, talking to her pets, spending time with her family, or lost in some sort of craft. Oh, and she takes kindly to anyone who feeds her cookies.IMG_8776

Lacey lives in Georgia with her husband, son and daughter, their herd of cats and one black lab who rules the house.

Author Links:

Website: www.laceywolfe.com

Facebook Friend: www.facebook.com/WolfeLacey

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLaceyWolfe

Twitter: www.twitter.com/LaceyWolfe

Readers’ Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1404863156412261/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/author_lwolfe

Email: LaceyWolfe@Live.com

Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hJpWw