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Release Day Blitz! Beyond Kale: Vegan Recipes for Everyone by Rachelle Rowlett


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It’s release day for an amazing recipe collection for vegans and non-vegans, alike! Congratulations to Rachelle Rowlett on her debut cookbook!

Why am I featuring a cookbook on a blog normally devoted to YA authors? Because Rachelle, or Shella, is 18 years old and just wrote a freaking amazing cookbook!

I have the honor of knowing Shella personally, as she is one of my students. This book was her senior project and I can’t begin to describe how hard she worked all year long. In addition to the book, she has a great Youtube channel, Rachelle’s Creations, that you should really check out and subscribe to. She demonstrates how to make many of the recipes in her book, as well as some that aren’t.

I made the corn and potato chowder, which was easy, economical, and delicious! I never would have thought of substituting pureed navy beans for the cream! It was awesome and much lower in fat! I have tasted many of the recipes in the book and was impressed by all.


Meet the Author

Rachelle Rowlett was born in Santa Fe, NM, in 1997. She is a self-taught cook, artist, and writer. She enjoys outdoor activities and working with other people. She is passionate about animals and conservation. She is planning adventures involving exotic cuisines and extensive world travel. This is her first book.