Feels Like Rain Release Blitz

if the feelings you felt were never your own?
Jet is different. Able to
feel the emotions of those around him, he chooses to spend his days in
solitude, pushing out the feelings that attempt to consume him. With numbness
his only relief, he’s surprised when he finds himself letting someone in,
actually wanting—craving—to feel what
she feels.
Even though he was warned
to stay away from Kalista LaFontain, Jet didn’t listen, not caring what family
she came from, knowing she wasn’t like them. Somehow, she was able to make the
emotions that assaulted him on a daily basis more bearable, a pleasant contrast
to his usual numbness. He didn’t care how powerful or hated her family was;
he’d risk it.
did he know, that risk would change his life forever.
After writing the FOR ALWAYS series, there was one more character (who is introduced at the very, very end of the last book) who kept yelling at Janae to tell his story, which led her to write “Feels Like Rain”. Even though this novel is a stand-alone and can be read independently from the FOR ALWAYS series, Janae recommends you read the FOR ALWAYS series first, if you plan on reading it at all, due to possible spoilers you might encounter by reading FLR first.
Book one in the FOR ALWAYS series can be downloaded HERE
(Currently free in the US)

Janae Mitchell is the author of “Feels Like Rain”, as well as “For Always“, “For Now“, and “For Eternity“. She’s also written a couple of spooky novellas titled “Haunted” and “Unleashed“.

She’s a native of East TN, which reflects in her writing, and loves to chat with readers. You can connect with her on her website or here:


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