Book Review: Enchanted (The Summer Solstice Book 1) by K.K. Allen


But it on amazon


Kat is a 16 year-old whose life has been turned upside down by the sudden death of her mother. She moves to Florida to live with her estranged grandmother and soon finds out that her family has some interesting secrets. Being born on the summer solstice has imbued Kat with powers that she has a difficult time believing, much less controlling. Add in the gorgeous guy next door who can’t know about these powers and you’ve got all the ingredients for an engrossing tale. Magic and mythology weave through this wonderful YA debut.

What I Love:

Kat is a sympathetic character and we get to know her as she grows and develops throughout the story. We only know what she knows and it really keeps the suspense tight.

Not So Much:

Yes, it’s formulaic, but there is a comfort in a successful formula that leads to a satisfying read. The ending made me check to see that the sequel is available.


Highly recommended. 5/5 stars. Bravo on a fantastic debut and a great contribution to the YA genre!

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