Exciting News: A Publishing Contract!


So, there I was, busily editing and revising Book 3 in The Seeker Series, trying to get it ready to publish on amazon, when an email notification popped up on my desktop: a response to my latest query to a publisher. Now, just so you understand and have a proper framework for this story, I have an email folder devoted to my multitudinous queries and their corresponding rejections. I’m sure many of my fellow authors have something similar. This particular query had advanced to the stage where they had requested the full manuscript and I was fully expecting the usual ‘thanks but no thanks’ response. So, the notification pops up, and I think, “Oh, great! Just what I need—yet another rejection right before I go to bed.” I nearly convinced myself to save the pain for morning. I’m really glad I didn’t because the email was short and to the point: we would like to offer you a contract for The Seeker Series, if you are still interested.

OMG! I just about fell off the couch. Finally! I managed to contain myself long enough to send a response: Yes, thank you. I am interested in signing with you. Then I headed to the pantry to see if I had a bottle of champagne left over from New Year’s Eve. Nothing like an entire bottle of champagne at 11:00 pm, huh?

I cannot express the level of legitimacy and encouragement this gives me as a writer. Someone, beyond my family and friends, believes that my writing has potential. I am so excited to embark on this next step in my writing career and hope to have lots of new experiences to share with my readers soon. My publisher (can I just stop and say how much I LOVE saying that!) wants me to change the titles, and I’m not such a diva that I would refuse, so I am talking to my fans—all five of them—about ideas. I am also busy unpublishing the current versions and changing my Twitter and Facebook profiles. I can hardly wait to see my books after they have been professionally edited and with new covers! Sweet! I feel so lucky! Yes, I’ve worked hard to make this happen, but so have many other authors.

Stay tuned for more info about release dates, cover reveals, etc. I’m sure I will be plastering them all over this blog and all my social media. Thanks for your support!

5 thoughts on “Exciting News: A Publishing Contract!

  1. Reece! That is wonderful, wonderful news! Congratulations! I’m not surprised though it is a fantastic series. Please blog about the differences you find, it’ll be really interesting. Well done you xxx

    1. Thanks! I will definitely blog about my experiences with professional editing and all parts of the publishing process. Great idea!

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