The Seeker Series

I decided to do a post all about a great series of books–MINE!! LOL!! But, really, folks. I think they’ve got a little something-something going on. So, without further ado:

Ally Moran is psychic. She also may be the next Oracle, a powerful Seer descended from ancient Druids. She would like to be able to forget all that and just concentrate on making it through high school.

Jack Ruiz is 18 and still a junior in high school. He’s back on track after a few rough years, determined to keep his head down and graduate.

The Seeker Series follows their adventures through high school and into college, as they help friends in trouble, solve cold cases, dodge stalkers and try to discover if Ally really is the next Oracle. They might just fall in love along the way.

Book 1

The Stern and Wild Ones

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16 year-old Ally has always known about things—things she shouldn’t really be able to know. Suddenly, she starts having terrifying visions about a former friend who is in desperate trouble. As her powers begin to develop, the adults in her life think she and her psychic abilities might hold the key to unraveling an ancient mystery.

Although she’s psychic, she still a normal girl with normal problems, including her attraction to a mysterious boy with a troubled past. Jack may have been in trouble with the law, but Ally sees something in him worth fighting for.

Can this unlikely couple work together to find the answers to Ally’s visions before someone gets killed? Can they possibly find love along the way?

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Book 2

The Charge of a Star


Meet Ally, a 17 year-old who also happens to be psychic. Oh, and she’s getting more psychic with every passing day, so much so that she’s been sent to Ireland to check in with the Seer Council to see what’s up with her freaky new powers.

Jack is her 19 year-old boyfriend, a former trouble-maker who is back on track and trying desperately to graduate. His plans did not include falling in love with psychic trouble-magnet.

Just last month they worked together to save a friend in deep trouble and ended up exposing a steroid ring at their school. Now there’s a new guy at school who seems just a little bit too interested in Ally for Jack’s liking. And why does Ally keep dreaming about a kidnapping? Last month seems like a cakewalk compared to this semester. Ally’s trying to solve a mystery, but Jack is just trying to keep her alive.

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Book 3

A Spirit Too Delicate

Coming Early 2015

Ally and Jack are starting their first year in college and are hoping for peace and quiet for the first time in their relationship. It may be too much to hope for when Ally’s long-lost father shows up.

Meanwhile, Rémy and the mysterious Mina have accompanied Ally home from France so they can figure out what the newest prophecy could possibly mean. Is Ally the next Oracle?

Things really start to get crazy when Ally discovers she has a stalker following her. Jack and Rémy will try to keep her safe against ever-increasing danger.

Book 4

The Final Chapter in The Seeker Series

Coming 2015

8 thoughts on “The Seeker Series

  1. Hello, I’m an independent author looking for honest reviews for my first book. I was wondering if you’d be interested in an exchange? I could buy, read and review your kindle book if you’d do the same with mine? Although ‘The Lost Heirs’ is a children’s book, I know quite a few adults who’ve enjoyed it. It’s £1.88 on kindle at the moment. Please let me know if you’d be interested.
    Also, can I ask who did your book cover? I’ve had to draw mine myself and it badly needs to be more professional! Many thanks, Mandy.

    1. Would love to! Is your book available on I do my own book covers at the moment. Someday I’ll have people. I use stock photos and amazon’s templates. Let me know about your book and we’ll trade reviews! Thanks, Reece.

      1. Fantastic! Thank you. I shall purchase your book now. Well done on the covers, they’re great. I need to get some help with mine! My book is available in the US – The Lost Heirs: the first adventure of Eshla. By A. Moran-Soley. Thanks again! Mandy

      2. Same here. What a great story you’ve created! I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I love all the British terms! Of course, they probably seem perfectly normal to you, but to an American, they are charming!

      3. Hi Amanda! I’ve got your review ready and will be posting to my blog and amazon. I couldn’t find you on Goodreads. Fantastic book! Really enjoyed it. I’ll also tweet it from @ReeceEvhans, in case you do Twitter.

      4. Thanks so much Reece, it’s so encouraging to get feedback from other writers! I’ll have your review ready by the end of today – Christmas held me up a bit with reading and writing, I must admit – i have loved your book though and will definitely be reading the sequel. I’m picking up writing tips too – you’re very good at describing the supernatural experiences whilst avoiding cliches! I am on twitter, but not goodreads – I’ll check that out. Will be in touch soon.

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