Book Review: The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker

TheGhostFiles COver

4 and a half stars

Mattie is 16 and sees dead people. No, really. She thinks it may stem from the time her mother tried to kill her and succeeded in killing herself. Her father is an unknown, so she’s been in the foster system for most of her life. So, yeah, she’s dragging some baggage around. She’s just trying to live a normal life, but ghosts keep popping up. What’s a girl to do? She mostly ignores them until the day one of them turns out to be a friend of hers. Now it’s personal and Mattie finds herself hunting for a serial killer. She gets some help from the gorgeous Officer Dan, a rookie cop working his way through college. Things heat up quickly and Mattie finds herself fighting for her own life.

What I liked:

The whole premise is loads of fun and Apryl does a great job with the backstory on Mattie’s abilities. She’s created a full mythology and it will be fun to see what she does with it throughout the series. It’s a complex storyline with lots of room to grow.

I loved her dialogue. She has a gift for making it seem natural. You find yourself in the room with the characters.

Yeah, not so much:

Just a personal preference, but Mattie seemed a bit conceited. I would have liked to see a little more humility and self-doubt. The fudgepops didn’t work much for me, either. A bit annoying.

I’m not sure I bought the Officer Dan being-in-college-while-still-a-cop-at-age-20. Maybe a little more depth to his story would set me straight. I did like him, however; he’s another great book boyfriend.

Lastly, what happened to Jake? He kinda drops off the planet. Maybe that’s wrapped up in Book 2?


Final Recommendation:

Oh, heck, yeah! Give it a try! I think you’ll really like it if you’re into YA paranormal. I’m going to download Book 2 as soon as I finish this review. It’s a great start to a fun-filled series. Thanks, Apryl! Keep writing and giving us great stories.

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