Unmasked by E.M. Kaplan


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Unmasked is the story of Mel, a member of the Masks, a group of stoic, unemotional beings who serve as counselors to arbitrate disputes. The only problem: she doesn’t quite fit in. She’s too…well, everything to be a proper Mask. It’s also the story of Ott, a man from the far, frozen north, who falls in love with Mel. Their world is being attacked by trogs, a mysterious group of troll-like creatures. What do they want, besides death and destruction? It’s up to Mel, Ott, and their friends to figure it out before their world, as they know it, is destroyed.

Kaplan excels at world-building, creating a setting that pulls you in and holds you captive until the very last page. Her descriptions are lively and I felt myself reaching for a mug of tea and an afghan to ward off the cold of the frozen lands she imagines. Her characters are full of life, making you care about their futures. You are in for some lovely writing when you delve into this novel. I frequently found myself stopping to enjoy the rhythm of the prose rather than rushing through the story.

This book has it all: powerful plot, romance, handsome rogues, evil monsters, and magic.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants a high-quality read.

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