Book Review: The Stern and Wild Ones

I got a great review for my debut novel from BookViral! Click on the link and check out their website.

“Quickly entangling readers in a web of mystery and intrigue, The Stern And Wild Ones is the debut YA Fantasy novel from author Reece Evhans and Book I in The Seeker series. A relatively short read, Evhans isn’t an author to wallow in superfluous detail as she quickly gets to the crux of her tale. She knows her audience and wants her readers to readily relate to Ally as she emotionally and physically comes to terms with her gift. A little dark at times, revelations and action come thick and fast as the plot gathers momentum, with loyalties and friendships put to the test. With particularly well nuanced dialogue, Evhans ensures the voices of her protagonists are markedly different, which allows her to keep momentum in the foreground whilst allowing her characters to mature. It’s a balancing act between a developing romance and the clear and present danger that prevails and Evhans manages it with genuine flair as she lays the groundwork for future releases in the series.


Certain to find favour with fans of YA Fantasy fiction, The Stern And Wild Ones proves a highly entertaining debut. Setting the bar high for future releases in The Seeker series, it receives a strong BookViral recommendation.

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